My Mentorship Program

Are You Serious About Becoming a Food Stylist?
Do You Want to Work With Me One on One?

Then my Signature VIP Mentorship Program may be the perfect opportunity!

The mentorship program is my top-line VIP program and consists of three components that will give you the knowledge you need to enter the field of food styling with lots of hands on experience and great advice from a professional who has been in the business for 22 years. You will graduate this program with the confidence and knowledge you need to get that first job.

The first part of the program is the Shadowing/Assist package.

This is the ultimate shadowing package and includes 2 full days of working one on one with me. You have full access to ask me anything and watch me work.

Our time together will include 2 days of shadowing. The first day is an 8 hour day of preparation before the photo shoot. This day will be filled with lots information (which I will have most of it written out for you to take home) and also an opportunity for you to ask me questions. Our day will include activities like planning the food for the photo shoot, making a detailed grocery list, grocery shopping and learning about picking out pretty photo ready food, packing equipment and supplies and talking through our assignment.  The second day is a 9 hour day assisting me at a photo shoot. You will working hands on, side-by-side with me. You will also get a free bonus copy of my “How to be a Kick-Ass Food Styling Assistant”  Ebook well before the shoot so you have an idea of what an assistant does. Your tasks for the day will vary depending on your experience but it is your day to learn and observe so I will make sure it is informative and fun! But, don’t worry, I know you are a newbie so no pressure!

The second component is One on One VIP Food Styling Experience

One on one instruction – This can be at your photo studio, home, or facility or at mine. We will work together to formulate two days together that will be custom organized to meet your specific wants and needs. This experience begins with a custom questionnaire where I find out more about what your food styling and/or cooking skill level is, what experience you may or may not have in food photography and ultimately what goals you have.  From there we will discuss your questionnaire on the phone and I will create a custom two day One on One VIP Food Styling Experience made just for you.

Here is a sample agenda for our two days together:

Day One

  • We will spend time talking about food styling equipment and supplies (your day includes a free styling kit!). I will walk you through my styling kit and what I bring to every job. I will  explain the tools and supplies and their uses.
  • We will then go shopping for food where I will teach you how to look for the best produce, meats, cheeses and bakery. We will also pick up the food we need for our photo shoot. There is a $250 food credit included with your package.
  • We will talk about props and get set up for our mock photo shoot on day two.

Day Two

  • How to style the foods of your choice for a full day. This day will be customized for your particular needs. I can suggest topics or you can choose your own. We will taylor this day to your special interests. What food subjects do you need the most help with? We will walk through setting up your styling kit and “on set” tray, getting organized for the day as well as talk technique and the art of working “on set”.
  • We will also do some test photos with your creations.

The third part of the Mentorship program is a Portfolio Building Day

This part of the program is super fun! We get to spend the day to together at a professional photo studio with one of my best food photographers and start building a portfolio for you that will get you work. I will work as your assistant, sous chef and mentor as you style 4-5 recipes and then have it photographed for you. This is an excellent way to get some on set experience as well as have a chance to showcase your work to potential clients. We will have two pre shoot telephone meetings to discuss a plan for our photo shoot day and to talk through what groceries and equipment you will need for the day. You will do all the shopping and prepare for the shoot as if it were a job. I will be on hand to cheer you on and help and answer any questions that may arise.

Requirements: Phone Interview and Acceptance into the Program, Resume and References. Signed Confidentiality Agreement.

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