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Discovery Sessions

Do you wish you had someone who could show you exactly how to develop your
career path to food styling?

Are you tired of having pressing questions about the industry and
are ready to finally get some answers?

If you want to get solid advice, feedback and the opportunity to learn more about what you need to create a successful career in food styling, then don’t wait to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation with me ($175 value). I enjoy helping those who want to choose food styling as a career, food bloggers and food photographers. I would love to support you on your journey to making food look fabulous.

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Food Styling Consultations (Option 2)

Are you a food blogger, food stylist, food company or photographer
who needs some food styling advice?

Do you wish you knew the tricks of the trade to make that
upcoming photo shoot a big success?

If you’re ready for the tools, training and support you need so you can become a “star” in your industry, I would love to help. Sign up for a paid consultation with me where we will assess your situation and create a customized plan of action to ensure your success.

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